Big Mick Ride Volunteers Needed!

The Big Mick ride is June 15 and the organizer is asking if we ( The Hot Springs Amateur Radio Club ) will help out again this year? Contact to get on the list of volunteers.

Basically, the first checkpoint that we start at is Rochford Trailhead. Last year it was 7:45 there. Then Mystic, and leapfrogging down the line. Lunch is in Custer. Leapfrogging down the line to Edgemont. The riders are supposed to arrive in Edgemont by 6:00. Dinner is in Edgemont.

They need people to express interest in what start and end times they can work it, or how far they are willing to go. They will need a vehicle and 2-meter radio that can get Bear, Coolidge, and maybe Battle Mountain. They would like to get vehicle description, cell phone number, and type of radio (mobile or handheld).

Colleen wants to build a schedule idea and figure out who can cover where. It's a really long day, so I just try to make sure that we have someone who will work it to the end.

There are eight or so checkpoints or points along the trail that we leapfrog to. And sometimes we will have to double-back to look for someone who hasn't checked-in at their designated points. But everything is on roads or parking areas for us.

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