Hot Springs Club Repeaters The Hot Springs Amateur Radio Club maintains four repeaters in the southern and central Black Hills.

Battle Mountain (near Hot Springs) 146.700 MHz (-) 146.2 Encode/Decode
Mount Coolidge (Custer State Park) 147.120 MHz (+) 146.2 Encode/Decode
Downtown Custer 147.090 MHz (+) 146.2 Encode/Decode
Pay Dirt (west of Custer) 147.150 MHz (+) 146.2 Encode/Decode . . .Should be Pass Creek Repeater with coverage into Hells Canyon
Bear Mountain (north of Custer) 53.170 MHz (52.170 MHz Input) 146.2 Encode only




Northern Hills Linked Repeater System The Northern Hill Amateur Radio Club maintains a system of three linked VHF repeaters that provide coverage to northeastern Wyoming, western South Dakota, and northwestern Nebraska. All use the standard repeater offsets.

Radar Hill (Rapid City) 146.940 MHz (-) 146.2 Encode
Terry Peak (Lead) 146.760 MHz (-) 146.2 Encode
Bear Mountain (Custer) 146.850 MHz (-) 146.2 Encode




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